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This is a B2B marketplace for finding manufacturing made in America and US-based suppliers. Think of it like "Alibaba for the USA", "Alibaba for Mexico", or "Alibaba for North America".

The Problem

Your business has been finding suppliers overseas simply because it's easy to search Alibaba. This outsourcing and offshoring leads to longer lead times, higher MOQs, shipping cost, complexity and risk and communication difficulties over multiple time zones. At the same time, great US-based manufacturing is still here, looking for business, and are cost competitive due to rising wages overseas, technological optimization at home and higher shipping costs everywhere.

A Solution

We want to help businesses find trusted, North America based suppliers and factories to shorten supply chains and make them more reliable.

Who are we?

We are a group of founders who have sourced for multiple hardware companies, and know the difficulties involved. We also know how difficult it is for manufacturers and suppliers to find customers. We want to connect the two. | Contact Us | YCombinator